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Melanie Short

Since 2008, I’ve worked in the field of mental health and addiction.  Throughout this time, I’ve worked with adolescents, individual adults, and families.  I am all about empowerment and truly enjoy helping people figure out how to thrive in their lives.  Being a Licensed Clinical Social Worker helps me to look at a whole situation from all angles.  I tend to have a solution focused approach and will use a variety of strategies depending on the situation or presenting complaint.  Trained in EMDR, I routinely work with individual clients to resolve trauma, grief and loss, relationship issues, life transitions or decision making, depression, and anxiety.

Being the daughter of an alcoholic, who got into recovery when I was very young, I have also gravitated toward working with family members who have addicted loved ones.  As a result, I became a Love First Certified Clinical Interventionist.  Intervention can be the key to helping people with any self-destructive behavior including drug addiction, alcoholism, compulsive gambling, sex, internet, shopping, or eating disorders. I have a passion for helping families develop a game plan for approaching their loved one and coping with the stresses of an addiction.  I help families take action, rather than wait for their loved one’s addiction to get worse.

A little bit about me:

  • If I had to eat one food every day for the rest of my life and my health didn’t matter, then it would be fudgy caramel brownies!
  • If I could have an endless supply of a food it would be split King Crab Legs
  • My favorite karaoke song is Son of a Preacher Man
  • If I had to be an animal I would be a White Tiger – unique, fierce, beautiful big cat, and loves to play in the water  

Holly Homan

What happens after substance abuse treatment ends? It is common that standard treatment ends, a lot of unresolved issues still need to be addressed. Building trust, addressing and resolving resentments, support for family members, addressing the needs of the children and establishing new expectations can be difficult without ongoing support. How do you handle a relapse or feeling guarded?  Couples begin to identify underlying issues that come to the surface after beginning on the path of sobriety.

Getting sober is the start but it’s not the end. After 15 years of experience working with families, adolescents, women, and people experiencing trauma, I have developed a passion for making sure that recovery equals quality of life for everyone involved in the recovery process.

I provide substance abuse evaluations, individual and couple’s therapy, group workshops addressing a variety of topics, and am EMDR trained to help process the trauma/anxiety/and cravings.

Please note: I currently only have daytime appointments available Monday-Friday. Contact us to find an appointment time that works for you!

In addition to counseling, I love providing educational trainings, speaking engagements, and presentations to anyone wanting more information regarding trauma, grief, substance abuse, and how to implement preventative measures, and I’ve spoken at a variety of conferences, schools, and companies. Please contact me for any speaking engagement needs!

Some fun facts about me:

  • If I could be any animal, I would be a lioness. Fierce, feminine, independent, protector and nurturer, strong and ambitious.
  • If I could have an endless supply of Nutella Crepes with Strawberries and Bananas—I would be the happiest person EVER.
  • If I wasn’t a therapist, I would love to be a Fortune Cookie Writer or someone that names Nail Polish.

Liza Jarrett

I am an Art Therapist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate. I enjoy working with individuals suffering from addiction, poor coping skills, co-dependency, low self-esteem, anxiety, grief and loss, and depression. I utilize an interactive or hands on approach in which clients begin to explore healthy coping skills to manage stressors, triggers, and cravings. In addition, I work to explore improving relationships through teaching individuals how to establish boundaries, and empower independence.

As an Art Therapist, I utilize a variety of art media to explore current and past issues and allow the creative process to initiate exploration of emotions. Additionally, I utilize traditional talk therapy approaches through a person-centered model to address addictions and related issues.

Some details about me:

  • If I had to eat one meal for the rest of my life… it would be tacos
  • If I weren’t a therapist I would own my own recording studio and listen to people make amazing music all day long
  • If I had to be an animal, I’d be a flamingo that is unbalanced and awkward

Kathi Bledsoe

Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, and daily stress can strike anyone, at anytime.

Since 2006, I have worked with people of all walks of life to provide a supportive and non-judgmental, safe environment toaddress these issues. As your therapist, I am very down to earth and easy to talk to and I want you to feel safe and able to express yourself as you are.

I use a wide range of evidenced-based treatment modalities to best meet your needs and to achieve your goals. Call, text, or email me to set up an appointment and we can talk more!!

A few things about me:

  • I would eat any kind of Mexican food everyday for the rest of my life!! It’s my absolute favorite!!
  • If I wasn’t a therapist, I would be an owner of a clothing boutique- I love clothes and fashion!
  • The weirdest food I have had is tofu… it was unexpected and I immediately spit it out and said “ewww that’s not meat”


Tobyn Linton

I finished my graduate degree in 2001 and have worked in a variety of mental health and substance use treatment organizations over the past 19 years. A few years into my career I found that I work well with those who struggled with substance use by using a balance of understanding and accountability. My approach has expanded to helping people who are having trouble navigating life transitions – coming of age, starting a new career, becoming an empty-nester, etc. I see my relationship to change having to do in part with several moves I made as a child – being the “new kid” can be difficult! My “why” is to help others who are going through their own change process.

I am also inspired to work with people who are uncovering parts of themselves they want to make better; maybe identifying the triggers that lead to relapse, maybe exploring what is interfering with their relationships, maybe discovering what is holding them back from their best performance in athletics or fine arts. A good way I have found to summarize this group is “brilliant strugglers.” These are people who are high-achieving in some aspect of their lives, but are out of touch with some meaningful part of themselves.

In addition to addictions and brilliant strugglers, I specialize in men’s issues (adolescence into young adulthood, young adulthood into adulthood, etc.). Males in today’s society have instant or almost instant access to food, sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling, video games, and a variety of other distractions that can prevent them from truly prospering and realizing their full potential.

A little bit about me:

  • If I had to eat one food every day for the rest of my life – without question, it would be pizza. It is the perfect food!
  • If I were an animal, I would be a dog because they represent loyalty, understanding, trustworthiness, playfulness, and nonjudgmental acceptance
  • If I weren’t a therapist, I’d be a professional landscaper because I love mowing and mulch!

Eric Bryan

Does the life you wanted for yourself seem distant or out-of-reach? Does the person you aspire to be look different than how you feel now? Do you feel depressed or anxious? Do you feel like you’re in a bad situation? Are you unsure of how to get yourself out of it? I understand what it’s like to know the growth and change that can come from taking a first step.

I’m interested in helping adults make sense of their experiences and relationships, identifying stumbling blocks to growth and change, and providing support as you create/build a life that is satisfying to you. I’m particularly interested in working with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and a variety of life transition issues.

I’m a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Indiana who’s worked in a variety of settings ranging from inpatient to outpatient therapy.  Through these experiences I’ve learned the most important thing to any meaningful change in a person’s life is the quality of the relationship between me, the therapist, and you, the client. This is why I use a relational, person-centered approach that is built on trust, empathy, and respect.

A little more about me:

  • If I could eat one food everyday it would be steak. Gotta have protein!
  • If I wasn’t a therapist I’d be a rhythm guitarist for a band or a fishing boat captain.
  • The weirdest food I’ve ever eaten is raw squid. It was very chewy.
  • If I could be any animal I’d be a laborador retriever, because they are loyal, friendly, and love others well.

Stephanie Kurrus

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Since 2013, I have specialized in working with individuals with substance use disorders and/or mental health disorders. I have experience working in a group, individual, or family setting. I was called to this field, because I have a passion to help individuals and families who are struggling to overcome obstacles and move forward with a new sense of hope and understanding.

I’m particularly interested in working with individuals with addictions, depression, anxiety, trauma, and faith issues. In working with you, I will utilize a holistic approach and enjoy being creative in the process of getting to know you and exploring your goals for therapy. My goal is to use client-centered approaches to help empower you to take control in addressing the areas of your life you want to modify and remodel.

Some details about me:

  • If I had to eat one food for the rest of my life… it would be pickles! I can eat pickles with any meal and I’m never afraid to try it in new ways.
  • If I weren’t a therapist I would make and sell handmade crafts, cookies, or cakes. I love to create and make things with my own hands.
  • If I had to be an animal, I’d definitely be an owl. I am a night owl, I have good hearing, and like some owls, I love fish.


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