Group Counseling

Group therapy can be a great place to recognize that you are not alone, hear other people talk about how they are handling similar struggles, and begin to develop meaningful connections that can help sustain living out your solutions.

Each group is geared towards a specific goal and we provide a rotating calendar. These groups are typically held once a week for six weeks. We update our upcoming group options here, so contact us if you are interested in joining!

Boundaries and Vulnerability Group

Do you have trouble setting and sticking to your boundaries?  Do you sometimes feel that others take advantage of you?  Or do you tend to shut people out because you aren’t comfortable feeling vulnerable?  This therapy group for women who need to explore the thin line between having boundaries and allowing yourself to be vulnerable in your relationships.  These relationships could be with family members or partners.  Contact us with any questions.

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Empowerment in Relationships

This therapy group is for women who want to learn how to teach people how to treat you, establish and maintain trust,  develop emotional intimacy, and create healthy boundaries in your relationships.  Check out the flyer below:


Families Do Recover Group

If you have a family member in recovery, the holidays can be filled with stress, traps, and pitfalls.  Do you feel prepared to handle the holidays with your loved one?   This therapy group is designed to help you prepare yourselves for the holidays, focusing on empowering rather than enabling.  Please contact us with any questions.

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