Relational Coaching

Families, couples and marriage partners can find themselves “tangled” and “stuck” in relationship patterns that are painful and self defeating. Traditionally, people have reached out to therapists who provide “marriage and family therapy” as a part of their practice. This can be helpful for many.

A new approach in the counseling field has recently embraced and developed the Life Coaching Model to include relationships. This method both augments and differs from traditional forms of family and marriage therapy in the following ways:

Coaching is often more focused on the issues at hand rather than exploring the past.
Coaching is intervention focused in that the “coach” is more direct and offers ways to change patterns of painful interactions from the first session.
Coaching can be time limited and less costly.
Coaching can offer several models for change rather than committed to one particular approach.

In providing Relational Coaching, it will be our guiding philosophy to get to the issues and offer change strategies in our first session. We will offer guides and exercises for you to take home and practice and then return in our next session to evaluate how effective they are for you. We will be attentive to your specific issues and follow your lead in what needs to change rather than impose a model that may not work for you.


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