Spiritually Integrated Therapy

During the stages of life, all people experience both ordinary and
extraordinary challenges that require attention and, often, some guidance.
Spiritually Integrated Therapy (S.I.T) acknowledges that life experiences are
a combination of physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual components
and, as such, can include the need for counselors and therapists to be well
versed in spiritual narrative building as well as other forms of helping skills.

Spirituality is a broad term and used here as inclusive of every spiritual path.
The most accurate way of understanding spirituality is to point towards how
we humans make meaning in our lives and how we connect at a deep level to
the processes of life that include birth, sickness, aging and death.

Spirituality, or deep connection, is often best experienced within relationships
and any approach at Spiritually Integrated Therapy will include that circle of
your specific relationships and how you “show up” for them.

In offering this as a specific focus, please know that as your provider and
guide, I will be vigilant to not persuade or influence your own personal
definitions. In other words, however you define your path to meaning and
deep connection will be the starting point for exploration.

Often people will come in for Spiritual Therapy after a deep loss, life
transition, illness ,addictions and recovery and fractured relationships.
Discernment and development of spiritual practices are often included in this
form of therapy.


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