Mission Statement: JRNY Counseling empowers people to thrive with incomparable care, uncompromising quality, and transformative services.

Our goal is to help someone identify ways to not only cope with life stressors, but learn to thrive no matter what challenges they face.

We believe that most people tolerate high levels of stress and begin to feel hopeless for far too long before they reach out for support. Many times, a person will struggle from change in sleep patterns, feeling overwhelmed, increases in anxiety, fighting with family and friends, being irritable most days, and feeling disconnected or unhappy with their life.  How many of these symptoms need to be true for you before you will allow yourself to be supported?

We are here to say that even if you are only experiencing one of these negative symptoms, this should be enough to give yourself permission to seek support.  Start learning how to thrive, rather than just merely “surviving” the stressors in your life.

We Look Forward to Working With You
To Discover and Embrace Your Best Life.

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