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Noblesville, IN – January 9, 2023 – Noblesville-based mental wellness practice JRNY Counseling has partnered with Hall of Fame Health (HOFH), a healthcare initiative affiliated with the Pro Football Hall of Fame, to provide current and professional former football players and their families with mental health services. Through this partnership, JRNY Counseling joins a national network of mental health service providers for HOFH that is specifically designed to meet the mental wellness needs of these professional athletes and their families. JRNY Counseling is one of just two therapeutic providers in the Indianapolis area to participate in this initiative.

As professional athletes have continued to open up about their mental health struggles, HOFH was created to make mental health treatment accessible, destigmatized, and widespread. And the program has also now been opened so that any person can call and use the concierge service to get connected to one of the program’s vetted providers.

“We are honored to welcome JRNY Counseling as a valued partner,” says Ryan Cain, President of Behavioral Health at HOFH. “According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), nearly 39% of adults in Indiana reported anxiety or depression, and 19% were unable to receive counseling. JRNY Counseling’s collaboration with our team can offer life-changing solutions for Indiana residents.”

Based in Noblesville and co-owned by Melanie Short and Holly Homan, JRNY Counseling meets its patients’ mental health needs in a comfortable and safe environment.

“We’re excited to welcome athletes who may not have previously felt at ease going to see a therapist,” says JRNY Counseling co-owner Melanie Short. “We work with so many people who had never sought this kind of help before, and it’s a shame they wait so long in silence.” Co-owner Holly Homan adds, “We often forget that these players aren’t bigger than life and they do experience trauma or other mental health issues while in the public eye. That’s why we are so honored to partner with Hall of Fame Health.”

This partnership comes at a time of growth for JRNY Counseling as its location has recently moved to a larger space. In addition to offering individual therapy, the practice has recently added integrative services including therapeutic massage, healing breathwork classes, recovery coaching, and prevention classes. The Recovery Society, a Division of Mental Health and Addiction-accredited substance abuse intensive outpatient program (IOP), has also been added for those who need a more structured approach to early recovery. The setting is designed to provide a sense of wellness.

“It can be intimidating to start any kind of new service,” says Homan. “Our mission is To Inspire Healing, so we seek to do that in many ways. We are mindful that people want and are empowered by having choices on their journey to healing.”

HALL OF FAME HEALTH services can be accessed through the concierge line at 866-404-HOFH. For more information visit

ABOUT JRNY COUNSELING – JRNY Counseling is a group practice of healing professionals who specialize in treating substance use disorders and other addictions, trauma, anxiety, depression, grief and loss as well as codependency. We believe that healing can happen in a variety of ways, such as individual therapy, group therapy, bodywork and somatic experiences, coaching, psycho-education, and more. For more information visit




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