What is Recovery Month?

Sep 21, 2023 | Abuse/Neglect, Addiction, Family Therapy, General, Trauma

For the month of September, we’re bringing awareness and special focus to addiction recovery and support. Recovery month is recognized nationally to promote healthy recovery practices. At JRNY counseling, that means hosting recovery-focused programming like our new Healing Breathwork Class, presenting educational resources on our social channels, and working with our community to eliminate financial barriers that generally stall the recovery process.

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, here are a few key things to remember as you start your recovery journey.

  • Addiction Management Helps You Regain Control Over Your Life

While the early stages of recovery might sometimes look like a complete loss of control, on the other side is often more financial, physical and emotional freedom. 

  • Recovery Can, and Often Does, Look Different from Person to Person

Talk therapy, rehabilitation centers or twelve step programs each have their own benefits and drawbacks– there’s no cure-all for addiction. On the road to recovery, it’s important to measure progress by your own goals and definitions, not on the accomplishments of others.

  • Live Life on Life’s Terms

Through the development of coping skills and self-discipline, recovery can mean managing what life throws at you without relying on substances.

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