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Adolescent Prime For Life/Anti-Vaping Classes

Prime for Life

JRNY Counseling also provides monthly Prime for Life/Anti-Vaping classes for adolescents.

These classes cannot be scheduled online. Please contact us to book.

  • January 20, 2024
  • February 24, 2024
  • April 20, 2024
  • May 11, 2024

Class Times: 9am-5pm

We Look Forward to Working With You To Discover and Embrace Your Best Life.

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frequently asked

Who attends Prime for Life classes?
For Adults, this class is an evidenced based curriculum focused on the development of addiction. Most participants attend the class after obtaining a DUI, OWI, and/or posession of substance/illegal paraphenalia. This class is often referred to in the legal system as a DUI class.
If I catch my teen vaping, can they attend this class?
This class has been formatted to focus on anti-vaping information and the development of addiction. This class is provided in a variety of school settings as well as at our counseling center. Adolescents often take this class as a response to being caught vaping at school or by a parent.
Are these therapy groups?
This is an educational class that encourages group interaction but it is not a therapy group.

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