Corporate Wellness Services

Speaking Engagements

Corporate Wellness Services

Speaking Engagements

We provide educational trainings, speaking engagements, and presentations to anyone wanting more information regarding trauma, grief, substance abuse, and how to implement preventative measures, and have spoken at a variety of conferences, schools, and companies.

Corporate Wellness Events

Communication between staff and departments is essential to a company’s success. Team-building exercises put people in a relaxed environment and encourage them to communicate while completing tasks. Better communication skills will have a domino effect on productivity levels. When your employees work together and communicate, there is less work duplication and less friction between workers. These activities are not just for challenging work dynamics. Good team dynamics can become great team dynamics.

Corporate Wellness Packages are developed specifically for each company based on number of employees, desired outcomes, and time. All packages include initial consultations to ensure JRNY Counseling understands what your business needs.

Employee Assistance Programs

EAP stands for Employee Assistance Program. It is a voluntary, confidential program that helps employees (including management) work through various life challenges that may adversely affect job performance, health, and personal well-being to optimize an organization’s success. EAP services include assessments, counseling, and referrals for additional services to employees with personal and/or work-related concerns, such as stress, anxiety, family problems, office conflicts, and alcohol and substance use disorders.

EAPs also often work with management and supervisors providing advanced planning for situations, such as organizational changes, legal considerations, emergency planning, and response to unique traumatic events.

JRNY Counseling believes in the success of local businesses and will provide customized options based on the needs of the business. Please email Holly Homan at holly@jrnycounseling.com to bring these services to your company.

What We Offer

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Individual Therapy

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Couple’s Therapy

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Family Therapy

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Community Support Groups

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Men's Workshops

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Corporate Wellness Services

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Community Awareness

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Therapeutic Massage

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Prime for Life/Anti-Vaping Education Classes

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Substance Abuse Assessments

We Look Forward to Working With You To Discover and Embrace Your Best Life.

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frequently asked

Is my company team achieving at their highest level?
Corporate Wellness Services are focused on increasing internal company culture, communication, and commitment to the company goals. Each event is designed for the employees and issues identified by company leaders.
How do I have a difficult conversation with an employee/co-worker?
There are a variety of issues that come up with the people we work with every day. It can be uncomfortable and diffcult to navigate how to address these issues. JRNY Corporate events can help create a culture of communication, develop policy, and practice high level interpersonal skills.
How do I know if my job as an EAP?
Most companies that offer an Employee Assistance Program will have a list of approved providers. Please contact your HR representative to ask them about these options.
Does my company have the most current alcohol/drug policies in place?
Laws regarding confidentiality, drug screening, and FMLA are constantly evolving. Please contact JRNY Counseling for consultation on your current policies.

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